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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  April 7, 2010 8:17am-9:00am EDT

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take me out to the ball game, we are two days away from the orioles home opener. you're going to want to break out all of your memorablia. is any of your old gear worth anything. you can find out at the society antiques appraisal. we are joined by the maryland society to tell us about the event going on. good morning to all of you. >> aubrey, tell me what your organization is all about. >> for a number of years, our mission has been to prevent blindness and preserve sight. we are encouraging people to learn about the treasures of good sight by coming to the antique appraise alday this saturday at the caesar parkville. >> you're going to be at be more
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healthy as well? >> absolutely. we will be bringing our mobile van and we will be doing vision and glaucoma screening that day. >> robe, you're a part of that and you're an antique appraisal and we're talking sports stuff. what do we have here. >> brooks robinson bat. hall of famer, 1983. bobby, the nicest guy i have known. he has never turned anybody for an autograph, first class guy. >> is it worth a lot of money, if he never turns anybody down. >> brooks is very controversy to that. people like brooks so they pay for brooks. >> what would this go for? >> $150. >> very nice. >> what is this one. >> this is unfortunately the last time the orioles won a championship, this the 83 world
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series team signed baseball. i was lucky enough to get it, because of robby's first. and it's nice to have a haul of famer orioles, hall of famer that is. 3 hall of famers themselves, jim palmer, eddie murray and cal ripken on the team. >> the last one. i'm sorry. i did not mean to cut you off. i wanted to move on to the box. >> these boxes came out in mid 90s, '96, during cal ripken strip. almost anybody in baltimore has one of these. the fin-year-old has this and the 65 years old had these. and nobody ate the wheaties. i told them they are worth as much as with the wheaties in it or wheaties gone. >> will people be able to buy these if they come to the fundraiser. >> we will try to do more
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appraisals. >> i'm trying to get my hands on the bat. hopefully a lot of people will come up because i'm sure they have a lot of paraphernalia in their closets. thank you for coming out this morning. if you want to come out with the be healthy expo. he want you to do that, it's at the baltimore convention center, saturday may first from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and admission is free. for more information, go to be more coming up up to 200,000 people are without water in towson. when crews are expecting it will be back on. it's pulling us down getting around that. launches the first -- >> and next what a game it was. people in the studio still screaming about it. what people are tweeting about
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it's wednesday, and that means it's time for tinsel town on twitter. we are finding tweets and bringing you all the hottest news from hollywood to
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baltimore. we want to start with the news from the glee hit show glee. they were invited to the easter egg roll this year. they sang somebody to love on the south lawn. one of those performers was corey monty. he tweeted about the experience. first he posted a picture. take a look at this. that is him in the house. so he says inside of the white house, no big deal this is after we met the president, also, no big deal. >> sure it was no big deal. >> he is quite the jokester. >> either that or fame has completely gone to his head. >> i don't think so. they're pretty ground yo grounde tries to be funny. some things don't quite come off. they are working hard and glee returns next week. they're all over fox promoting the show. >> highly anticipating. >> i'm going to move to sporting
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goods. i'm going to start with college hoops. >> we're talking about it. >> on tuesday night it came down to the wire but in end duke beat butler in the ncaa championships. everybody was talking about it including former nfl player and michael strayhand. so michael said just bought dinner for reggie bush since butler lost. great jobs by both teams entertaining us. congrats to duke and butler. >> wow! >> i know. >> forget the brackets it's down to the final bets. unfortunately that is the way for many maryland fans. all right, we end with a tweet about football news. earlier this week we did find out it was official. the philadelphia eagles traded donovan mcnabb to the philadelphia redskins. that was big news and for current nfl players including
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reggie bush and he tweeted about it. why would the eagles trade mcnabb to the redskins, aren't they in the same conference. >> it was kind of interesting because even joel d smith, said i didn't get any sleep last night. i found out. >> that was the big news across the newsroom. >> that was. >> of course, we always want to keep you up-to-date on the latest news whether it's from hollywood or right here in baltimore. make sure to follow us on twitter, just log on to and click on twitter under the community features section. well coming up, president is loosening up. >> do you think it's all right if i take off my jacket? >> who some say did it the best. and hundreds of thousands are without water in towson and schools are closed because of it. a live update coming up next.
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8:27 is the time.
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8:29 is the time. i'm patrice harris. more than a dozen schools are closed due to a water outage in the towson area this morning. carver center for arts and technology. cromwell valley dumbarton middle, halstead academy, loch raven academy, luther ville elementary, pinewood, pleasantville, and ridgely middle, rogers forge elementary, stony elementary, timonium elementary and towson high school. for a complete list go to closings. now we need to turn to tim fertig and -- steve fertig and get a check on the forecast. good morning. good morning to you. a hot one coming today as we get close to 90. heat lovers out there are going to love it. others may feel like it's too hot. either way it's a warm one climbing to near 90 degrees. 71 in salisbury and 70 in
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hagerstown. keep in mind that we typically get up to 63 degrees for the time of year. we are well above that already. we had clouds earlier. we still have a few but breaks now and more sunshine as we move through the day. look for the southerly flow, as high pressure sinks further south and east. frontal boundary moving through the unstable air. we will produce showers and thunder for later tomorrow and we will dry out in time for the home opener for the orioles on friday afternoon. but it will be a bit cooler behind the front. summing things up, very warm today, warm tomorrow but not as warm and then a cold front tomorrow later in the day brings us the thundrous chance, earlier rain on friday before we cool down and dry out for friday and saturday. more on the rest of the weekend forecast in just a bit but first let's see what is happening on the roadways with candace dold. she has the track edge, good morning, candace. >> reporter: it's all about towson this morning. it's in the spotlight and it's because of overnight fire activity of the crews have been on the scene all throughout the morning.
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we can show you what it looks like in the vicinity. you can see the flashing lights and that continues to be the case. it does shutdown burke avenue at hillen road and hillen road at the same location. use stevenson road to get around all of that. it blocks hill drive so knollwood road is the better option for the alternate route there. now let's talk about the beltway. outer loop lanes from 95 toward 83. look at this in the red 35 minutes, right now 17 miles per hour. and it does increase, though to 42 miles per hour in an 11-minute drive from 83 up toward 795. once you go around the bend, down 795, now all the way down toward 795, a 20 minute clip, 31 miles per hour on the outer loop lanes of that beltway. that's a look at your morning travels, patrice, back over to you. we are following breaking news just into our newsroom.
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police say a child has been hit by a car in downtown baltimore. it happened just before 8:00 this morning at pennsylvania avenue and dalson street. police don't know how bad the child's injuries are. police are on the scene and we will bring you more information as it bam becomes available. we are continuing to follow a developing story out of towson this morning. nearly 200,000 people in the towson area are waking up without water. officials say it started with a bge fire that took out the electrical feeds to a pumping station. joel d smith is live on the phone with more on what is happening out there. good morning, joel. >> reporter: it happened at 1:15 in the morning, hillen road and false hill drive. there's a fire near an electrical pole power line got hit and then it took out all of the power going to the pumping station right here. that is in effec affects close 0
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people. including government businesses. in particular they're worried about hospitals right now. they're asking people in towson area to try to conserve whatever water is left in their pipes to try to get as much as possible to the hospitals that need water. this could last throughout the day. 2 had bee200,000 people withoutr until 4:00 and another four hours after that until it gets to the houses. it happened at 1:15 and unfortunately they haven't been able to get it back on. conservation is the key. if you have any questions of the water may affect you. a hot line (410)887-5454 number for all the latest on this water situation now inson. asking t you to conserve 200,000 people without water. we will have an update for you.
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joel d smith, fox 45 morning news. we are following another developing story. police are investigating multiple shootings in howard county. four people were shot overnight this morning mplet the search the search for the suspects continues. megan gilliland is live in laurel with the latest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. we're off of route 1 at alma drive is where we're standing right now. this is one of two locations where gunfire rang out in laurel. police are investigating and we're trying to find out more. we know that two people were shot here at this location. we have been talking to a lot of neighbors who said they heard this transpiring. this particular shooting rang out at 12:53 this morning. and you heard it all. this is grady. grady, tell us what you heard. >> how are you doing? we heard a lot of screaming and arguing and shots fired all. we just stayed in our room. we did not know what to do. we hid underneath our bed and
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kept listening. after a while we opened up the door and saw the police and all there. >> reporter: right. >> but yeah, it was a scary situation. >> reporter: and grady, this isn't something that normally happens in howard county, how shocked are you that not only it happened here but in your backyard. >> oh, very shocked. i mean, it seems like it was a racial thing, but you know the black and white thing, because there were a mixed couple that stayed there. supposedly there was conflict back and forth or something over a racial thing. >> reporter: grady, thank you very much the two people who were shot here are in serious condition at shock trauma. there's other of the shooting about a mile 1/2 away. this one 2 minutes before the one here at hitching post lane and covered wag ron. two people shot there and both of them at shock trauma. police are trying to determine if the two shootings are
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connected. we will bring the latest as it becomes available. live in laurel, fox 45 morning morninnews. one person is dead two others hurt. it happened before midnight in the 200 block of fleetwood avenue. police say one of the victims suffered gunshot wound to the torso and was pronounced dead at hospitahopkins debut, the othero were shot in the arm and the back. police are still looking for a suspect inside coming up american idol tries to sing the beatles. although they may be pardon ♪ there's still a chance >> who the judges said nailed it. some people don't notice the difference
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there's some the best known songs in the history of music. so there was a lost pressure on the top nine american idol hopefuls as they took on the songs of lennon and mccartney. ♪ i was chivalrous inside ♪ baby ♪ i didn't mean to hurt you ♪ sorry ♪ i made you cry. >> casey james sang john lennon clear sky and they liked hisses strip -- hiss strip down acoustic performance. >> i think it was the best performance of the night. >> [applause] [ cheering ]
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>> in terms of the difference in the way you were a week and two weeks ago. where we used to with people like crystal it's a consistency. i think the difference week on week with you has been absolutely ginormous. and i thought it was your stamp on the song. i actually felt that you were emotional at the midway point of it. and as the girls said we saw a completely different side of you. that is why i'm very, very impressed with you tonight. i thought you did terrific. >> let us know what you thought of last night's show. post your reaction at facebook or tweet us. you can follow candace on her idol blog. just go to and click on american idol on the entertainment section. you can watch perso americal tonight at fox 45. i guess when simon praises you that way, i guess you don't mind that he starts calling you
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goldie locks. partly cloudy skies to start. a southwest wind at 3 miles per hour and the humidity is at 45% with the barometer on the rise. ask that means nice weather. maybe hot but definitely pretty weather. 71 degrees in baltimore. 67 in washington, and 71 in sals bury. -- salisbury. that will give way to sunshine for the latter part of the morning and afternoon. the high pressure sits to the south and east. and then the frontal bon droa wilboundarywill bring us a chanf thunder as we get into the latter part of tomorrow into the evening as well. 6:00 for the western counties and a little bit later for the central counties. eastern shore by overnight and it moves out of here bit time for the home opener on friday. the cool air moves in behind the front that for fried and saturday too being on the chillier side. 60, rather 85 degrees.
8:43 am
i don't want to cheat you out of the temperatures. 85 degrees at the eastern shore with a lost sunshine. looking for temperatures close to 90 degrees for the central part of the state. we start with temperatures in the upper 60s to 70s. we will warm up it quit a bite. and 69 overnight a mild night after today's 89. cooler tomorrow but still warm. 79 degrees with early showers and thunderstorms. showers after that, nice and overnight. 59 for the high on friday but much cooler and drying out after the morning hours and time for the game. 61 degrees on saturday and most lemostly clear skies. 68 and 70 for monday and tuesday. and we do want to in with candace dold to see what it looks like on the roadways. here she is with the traffic edge. >> reporter: , thanks, steve. it's all about towson this morning. we have been talking about the area. it's been in the spotlight and it's all because of overnight fire activity and crews remain on the scene. they're there this morning.
8:44 am
in fact we can show you what the area has been looking like, a lost flashing lights, a lot of cones and now burke avenue shutdown at hillen road. hillen road is shutdown at the same location. to get around that use stevenson road as an alternate road. and knollwood road is the way to go around that area. as far as the beltway is concerned, let's check it out moving through the harford road region, further back and we still have intermittent delays pushing up toward the providence road region. no string of brake lights so we will take it there this morning. an accident on the southbound lanes between whitemarsh boulevard and the beltway. use route 40 or bel air road as the alternate route. that's a look at your morning travels. patrice, back over to you. we are following a developing story out of towson this morning.
8:45 am
nearly 200,000 people in the towson area are waking up without water. officials say it all started with a bge fire that took out the electrical feeds to a pumping station. joel d smith joins us live from towson with more on what is happening there. good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. we're on hillen road. we're standing in the middle of road that is because it has been shutdown as a number of utility crews tend to get things back up and running. at 1:30 in the morning, this utility pole caught fire. now from bge we have linda, busy morning, thanks for your time. why is it going to take a while to get this going again? >> typically repairing underground cable is more time-consuming than repairing overhead lines. what we have to do is get access to the damaged cable, pull that out of the conduit and put the new cable in. before we can do that, we have to make the area safe to make
8:46 am
sure that our folks can work underground safely. it takes longer than other repairs. >> reporter: we are saying 200,000 people without water. how many without power. >> we have one customer without power. that is the pumping station. earlier we had 200,000 but they were restored with the exception of the pumping station. >> reporter: what is the estimate of getting power back to the pumping station. >> we're shooting for late this afternoon to get service restored to the pumping station ask we're working very close with the department of public works. >> reporter: you can dial (410)877-5454 for more information on this situation in towson. 200,000 people estimated water. that includes hospitals. we're talking about conservation. a number of schools are affected as well. that's the latest from towson. joel d smith, fox 45 morning news.
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take shape for life. the american heart association is challenging baltimore to lose 10,000 pounds. lisa davis president of research
8:50 am
and development for medy fast is joining us this morning with more on how we're going to do that. >> good morning, patrice. >> 10,000 pounds that is a big number. tell me about the challenge? >> well, take shape for life with a division of medi fast has set out with the heart health association by getting baltimore healthy. we will do that to helping them lose weightment we'r weight. other average we are expecting 40-pound loss. we expect the individuals that participating to lose about 40 pounds. >> it kicks off today. tell me about today. >> today at the harbor front down in front right next to the visitor center by the bicentennial building there. >> yes. >> outside, though, of course, because it's going to be a beautiful day. we are going to have a big event where we are kicking off the weight loss challenge which is called be more, be less. there's going to be a lot of entertainment for adults and children, a lot of tasty foods,
8:51 am
and cooking demonstrations. >> healthy foods. >> healthy foods and a walk that will take place. >> the walking of it, a lot of people think what is walking going to do. >> walking does a lot. >> absolutely, you got to have the healthy diet as well as the walking to maintain some the weight loss. >> you can lose some pounds just by walking. >> in october is when it all ends and we will see how much weight baltimore has lost. >> absolutely by the time october rolls around at the american heart association heart walk, october 23rd, we will announce the results of all of baltimore and maryland, how many pounds we were able to lose together. we think that the 10,000-pound goal is very achievable. >> okay. >> we're excited to see that. >> i'm excite too; you will be at the healthy be more expo. >> thank you for coming. >> the website is
8:52 am >> the expo is at the baltimore convention center saturday may first, from 9:00 a.m. to ñ
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president obama is taking it off. well, maybe not taking it all off but some of it. lately he has been getting cheers and even whistles for stripping down to his shirt. jeanney mose is taking a look at the unusual crowd pleaser. >> it's warm in here. >> reporter: as the campaign to sell healthcare heated up. >> it's a little hot up here. cheering. >> reporter:[ cheering ] >> reporter: off came the president's jacket. it's a little hot. >> sometimes the crowd reacts as a hee-haw. >> reporter: there's no
8:55 am
whistling at the president. look at how happy she looks. but then again the crowd tends to cheer for anyone who takes off their jacket. watch how they reacted to joe biden. >> in my neighborhood [ cheering ] >> reporter: critics noted that the exact moment joe biden took off his jacket the dow dropped 4 points. of course, no president took it off quite like bill clinton. this jibjab video for bush's crowd. >> do you think it's all right if i take off my jacket. >> reporter: tended to be more sedate about presidential stripping. >> thanks for coming out. i hope i didn't spill any sauce on my shirt after i had barbeque atle whole hog. >> reporter: remember how they went whole hog attacking
8:56 am
president obama for taking off his jacket and putting his feet on the historic desk. >> same desk, different shoes. you don't recognize the guy, it's george w. bush. >> reporter: then there's a matter of what to do with the jacket. president obama either puts it on something or hands it to his aide reggie love. along with his blackberry or -- >> you want to hold my coat. you know -- >> you throw the tough questions, i will hold the coat. >> reporter: just so it's just coat. >> take it all off. ♪ ♪ nothing takes it off like. >> reporter: obama! jeanne mose, cnn, new york. this lady's reaction -- she is probably so embarrassed that it keeps running over and over. >> i don't know what the big deal is, it's going to be hot
8:57 am
today [ cheering ] >> it's going to get to 90 degrees for the high temperature, lots of sunshine and tomorrow 79 degrees with some thunder maybe in the afternoon or evening. it looks like we have cooler air and drying out in time for the game on friday, of course, opening day at home that is. 69 degrees for saturday, 69 on sunday and 68 and 70 for monday and tuesday with mostly sunny skies. >> it's hot in here. >> i did, i set it right here. >> reggie love. >> right here. >> you know, my reggie love, that is his assistant. >> i heard that. >> yeah. >> i just wan wante wanted to m. >> that will do it for us on that note. >> i'm holding the
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